How to Get (and Read) Your W-2 Form

A guide to help you check your pay, withholdings, and taxes.

A paper copy of your W-2 form from Walmart will be available by January 31. If you choose to receive it electronically, you can get it even sooner!

For step-by-step directions on how to get your W-2 form electronically, visit the Pay page on Walmart OneWire. (If you did this last year, you don’t need to do it again.)

Doddie B., senior manager of Walmart Payroll Services, Home Office, offers tips on these sections of your W-2 to help you make sense of it: 

Boxes E and F: Name and Address

Check that this info is correct. If your 2017 W-2 is not accurate, reach out to your HR department. Be sure to notify your HR manager if you ever change your name, address, or zip code.

Box 1: Wages, Tips, Other Compensation

This is your Federal taxable earnings—not your gross pay. Certain deductions are taken out “pretax,” such as insurance premiums and 401(k) withholdings. The number shown here is what’s left after those pretax withholdings.

Box 2: Federal Income Tax Withheld

This section shows the total federal income tax that was withheld. This is not how much you owe.

Boxes 3, 4, 5, and 6: Social Security & Medicare

Social Security and Medicare withholdings are based on a percentage of your taxable earnings for the year. Boxes 3 and 5 show the wages that were pre-taxed for Social Security and Medicare. Boxes 4 and 6 show the tax that was withheld.

Box 15: Employer’s State ID Number

If you worked for Walmart in more than two states or localities in 2017, you will receive multiple W-2 forms so that earnings in each location can be listed separately. However, only one copy of the W-2 will show your wages in Boxes 1, 3, and 5.

Have additional questions? Reach out to your store’s personnel manager or market HR manager.

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